Welcome to the CBSM Mission Site for 2002. This years' mission is radically different from previous outreaches.
Here are some hints for this site..
You may send e-mail to any mission member by clicking .
Please be sure to fill in the name of the person you are sending mail to in the SUBJECT field.
If the above link does not work for you, send your email to cedarbrk@his.com
As each days' photos become available for viewing, the background color of that date will change.
Click on it to open a NEW browser window with that dates' photos. Clicking on a thumbnail of a photo will open a NEW browser window with that photo displayed.
While we hope to send photo updates for each day of the mission, when we are in Mexico this may not be possible for every day, due to the nature of our mission, where we are located, etc.
All photos taken will be available after the mission.
We covet your prayers for safety and success!

July 1st, 2002
July 8th, 2002
July 2nd, 2002
July 9th, 2002
July 3rd, 2002
July 10th, 2002
July 4th, 2002
July 11th, 2002
July 5th, 2002
July 12th, 2002
July 6th, 2002
July 13th, 2002
July 7th, 2002
July 14th, 2002