CBSM Mission to Mexico 2002
Day 2 - July 2nd, 2002

Morning came VERY early for all of us on day two!
We all got up, had breakfast, cleaned our cabins in hopes of winning the Platinum Plunger Award, (won for the last 2 years by the boys!), and then spent some quiet time with individual Bible study. Then all of the staff and students participated in some serious trust and team building exercises. These activities ranged from following someone you had to trust while blindfolded to falling backwards and hoping you would be caught, to working as a team to rescue "babies" from a lave flow and rearranging your team by shoe size while standing on a shaky log. This was all done before lunch! The rest of the afternoon was spent in CAT (Creative Arts Training) study,where puppet, dance and dramatic skills were taught for use in our outreaches.

The results of the first cabin inspections came just before dinner. After a great meal some free time was spent watching the amazing hummingbirds that populate the camp, as well as some optional sports such as basketball and billiards (NOT Pool!).

In the evening , we had community worship, and a very compelling telling of the Passion Play, followed by considerable prayer and worship.


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