July 11th, 2009

The day started earlier than usual. 3am to be exact. We all arrived at Cedarbrook, said our goodbyes, sent out final text messages, loaded onto the Short Bus and headed iff to Dulles Airport. After an amazing game of Coolio Ball in the terminal, ask us later, we boarded a 4ish hour flight to Panama, where there is nothing to eat but Hot Dogs. Luckily it was a short 1 hour layover, nothing compared to the 4 hour layover in Lima. We flew on an smooth trip from panama to Lima. We had some down time there then went to the next terminal to go to Iquitos. The plane was very comfortable, maybe it was the lack of sleep... We landed after some turbulance and arrived in a very small, very hot airport. We took 3 small taxis to the YWAM base and after we unpacked we walked to an internet cafe down the road. It might take a little adjusting to get used to the hot and humid climate, but I think we'll manage! We made it here safely, without luggage loss, or injury. God is good!

Michael (Coolio) Schoelen

Today was a loooog day of travel. We started by meeting at Cedarbrook at 3:30 am, had three long flights and ended up at Iquitos, Peru about 10pm Washington DC Time. Peru is one hour BEHIND Maryland time. We were all exhausted, but everyone was happy to arrive safely. As Iquitos is only 5 degree below the Equator, it is VERY hot and muggy, even though it is winter here, The YWAM base we are staying at is basic but very comfortable, and the staff is great at making us feel at home.

The satellite tracking seems to be working fine when we are outdoors. There should be a day and a half of tracking on it by the time you read this.