Sunday, July 27th, 2008

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What a full day we had!  We began the morning with Sunday School at all four
schools.  Most of us returned to the same school and group of kids we had last Sunday, except for a few changes.  We sang songs, played games, prayed, worshipped, laughed and were challenged once again by the responsibility that the teenage believers
have to love, disciple, and train the younger children in God's word.  The pastor, Moises, has definitely multiplied his love, commitment, and vision for sharing the good news of Jesus Christ, by investing in the lives of his leadership team.  They in turn invest in the lives of the younger children. 

Upon returning home from Sunday School, free time was relished, and lots of
folks hit the bed for a siesta.  Some folks could not sleep due to the
excitement of waiting for the Lircay team to return.  Decorations were made, ice
cream was purchased, bed sheets were changed, etc. When the Lircay team
returned, an arch was constructed for them to duck through.  There was an awful
lot of energy for a group of people who had just been on a bus for 12 hours. 
Needless to say, there was no problem with compliance at bedtime.

After dinner, we all headed back out for the weekly church service that is held
every Sunday evening.  We all knew a bittersweet evening lie ahead for this
would be the last time we would fellowship with so many believers we had come to
know and love.  Much like last Sunday, the CBSM students performed their dramas
and dance and two students shared their testimonies, but this time, Pastor
Moises joined the students in the "Shackles" dance:  it was priceless.  More
pictures, email exchanges, hugs and kisses exchanged. Perhaps believers enjoy
lingering because Christian fellowship is sweet, but Peruvian believers really
like hanging out.  It was a long, bittersweet goodbye:  "just the way we like it."  

Back on the bus, the Lima team once again was unable to count off even in their
native language, and the Lircay team will never let them forget it, but all in
good fun.   The Lircay team members integrated back in graciously and without a
hitch.  It was great to have them back.  Many of the members really missed one
another.  A day unlike all the others lie ahead for tomorrow:  shopping at the

Kelli Baker