Wedensday, July 23rd, 2008

The day Matthew arrived in Lircayy!!!!
By: Ashley and Mike (A.k.a Cooliet and Coolio)
An intentional rambling conversation...

Ashley: Hey Michael, so what was your favorite part about today?
Mike: Well after the bible falling of the roof expidition, my attempted solar hot water heater, the peruvian toilet fiasco and the human magnet know only as Carlos, I would have to say, the work we did at the church.
A: Oh yeah, that was pretty funny tring to rescue Jordans bible--
M: Which was successful
A: Yeah... repairing the pews at the church was an adventure in and of itself. The sanding of the chairs was difficult, but the painting was pretty fun!
M: Yeah, do you think that paint will ever come off Jordans face?!
A: Haha, that was funny, and his dirt beard, too! But moving on... i think that the VBS was just as successful, dont you think?
M: It was! They really liked the Everything drama (as seen at Epicenter). Its one of my favorites! I also got a chance to be the King in the skit for the day which was Daniel in the lions den skit. Do you think we did a good job?
A: The skit was amazing! The kids absolutly loved it! Right??
M: ......
A: Michael? you there?
M: Sorry, My fingers were temporally frozen to the keyboard. Its freezing up here!!! Anyway, it was a huge hit!
A: Haha, i really like the walk Santos took us on tonight! His daughter Karis is adorable!!
M: I agree! We even got to see an official bull fighting arena.... where i got tackeled by Jordan, who thinks he´s a bull...
A: Jordan Glensor thinks he´s alot of things. Did you know he´s planning on attending VTU to become a certified lumberjack in Alaska?!
M: So i´ve heard... Oh and the most exciting part of the day (drum roll please)
M: I Know!! In all of my excitement, i ran into the church door to beat Jordan to give him the first hug!!
A: Yep! Theres been no (major) injuries so far! And everyones doing fine!
M: Epsicially me (and steph james), Mom!!!
A: Thats all for now!
M: And Plenty more to come!