Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

We started the day by getting up 30 mins earlyer then we had been for breakfast. That was rough but its just the way we like it (: Jess and I where the last ones up and late so we went to breakfast in our PJs. Beakfast was eggs and rice which was very good. Then we spent time with God for half an hour. That always helps me relieve stress from past days and the work to come. We then went to a place where they were building. They talked about what needed to be done and how it was put together. It was very cool. We got to go on the roof and walk along it. I got to do that and it was such a beautiful sight. The mountains are so awesome and really just help show Gods beautiful creation. The guys then stayed and helped build and work. The girls went back to the hostal and helped Ms. Janet sort cloths and such. Then almost all the girls got to wash their hair for the first time since Saturday when we where in Lima! It was one of the greatest feelings ever. We took pictures of this memorablel moment (: The water was so cold we couldnt feel our hands after words but we where so so greatful for just getting our hair washed. Me and Ally spent time just hanging out on the roof of our hostal. The weather was so beautiful and there wasnt a cloud in the sky. More girls joined us and we had a blast just talking and laughing. When the boys got back and washed up we went to lunch. We then came back and practiced the shackles dance and the Savin Me drama. We got ready for VBS that day and started the walk to the church. Kids where already there waiting for us with open arms and tons of energy! Most of them had brought back their coloring pages from the previous day. We played with the kids for a long time before headingt down for more VBS. There was a group of about 5 girls that I played with and when they saw me then hung on to me like I was a fairytail princess come to life. They fought over who got to hold my hands and by the end I had 3 on each side hanging on to my hands and arms. Its hard to try to stay non emotional during those times. No words can really describe the feeling of being loved so much by kids that dont even know you and you dont speak the same language. After we got to the different part of the park me, Ashley, Jess, Scott, Peter, and Michael all did the shackle dance which went very well. The VBS Team then did their skit of Noah and the Ark. We then helped the kids color and gave them snacks. I sat with the 5 girls and they asked me for advice on how to color their picture. It was so awesome. It was hard to say goodbye to them even though we will see them again tomorrow. We then went back to the hostal and had team time. Stephanie and Ashley lead and talked about showing love to those around you by being compasionate and caring. They picked some amazing songs for worship. Most I had never heard before. We then got ready for dinner. After that we went to the church servious and Meaghan Rolle gave her testim ony. She did such a great job (: They then did the Savin Me drama. Everybody in that did an awesome job as well. Mr. Rivers preched again and really told a great story and message. After church we headed back to the hostal and had free time. We talked and laughed about many random things. We got ready for bed but me and Jess just stayed up for a while and talked. It was a great day and God is working wonders through us. It is challenging to not make it about us because of all the work we are doing. Nothing is impossible with God. He has kept us all health enough to work and gives us strength every morning for each day. We miss our familys and loved ones back home (and warm water) but I know I am so very happy out here and am enjoying every moment of it. God bless all those back in Lima. We are praying for you and miss you guys. In the famious words of Mathew McCabe: God is good...All the time! All the time...God is good! (:

Sarah Montoya

...And the saga continues.
We had another very full day today. Early up thanks to the gentle, tranquil sounds of the Peruvian morning (Honking horns and battle-rapping roosters). We had another great breakfast and visited a local church that was under construction. Some of the team stayed to help get the roof ready to pour cement and the rest went back to the Hostal to get the donation clothes in order and geared up for the afternoons VBS. From there it was straight to lunch. We fine-tuned our skits for the upcoming events and Shackles for the VBS. VBS was great. Team Gringo challenged a local soccer team to a grudge match which ended in resounding defeat for the winded Americanos (Major shout to Ashley Wilson: Two Goals, No assist). The Noah's ark skit went off without a hitch thanks to Santos translation. Coloring and animal crackers rounded out the afternoon and a tired team went back to the Hostal Rosario for team time led by Stephanie James and soccer superstar Ashley Wilson. Next up: Dinner. Chicken and rice just the way we like it, with papas fritas! After dinner we went to the local church for evening service. We participated in the worship service and offered our rendition of "I love you Lord". Meg Rolle gave her testimony and then got scooped up by yours truly in the "Savin Me" skit. Keith "Just Keith" Rivers taught on the prodigal son and the parables of the lost coins and sheep. The pastor opened the floor up to any member who would like to sing a special praise song. Several people sang worship songs in Quechua for us and God. Although the church service was the ending to a long, hard day everyone was able to participate and stay focused. Although I do not fully understand what my brothers and sisters in Christ are saying or singing I completely comprehend the spirit of worship that is evident in their music and faces.
Thank you for your support and for checking in on us. Pray that God would give us grace and rest. If you see my wife tell her I love her and give my kid a high-five.

Peter Johnson