Friday, July 18th, 2008

Today is the day that fifty two students and adults met at 2 in the morning to travel to Peru. The day has been full of excitement and nervousness for me! I didn't bother going to sleep Thursday night because I figured that it would be easier for me to drive to the church if I hadn't slept at all. I arrived about twenty mins early which was nice because i had time to get all my stuff in order. As the time went by more and more people were kissing family goodbye and getting there stuff together. before i knew it we were praying and boarding the bus. i was very excited and also nervous knowing that this was actually happening and that God had a very eventful week planned for me. The drive to the airport seemed to me like 4 hours, little did i know that the plane ride would seem like 15 hours. Aas we arrived to the airport everyone lugged their baggage to get checked in and received their tickets. i was very nervous at this point because i had in the back of my mind what Mathew said "If you go over 35 pounds then your paying for it" so i was crossing my fingers that i wasn't over weight...because i tend to always over pack. we eventually all were settled at our gate and the first then i think about is...STARBUCKS! yes me and Laura if you couldn't guess were the first ones in line to buy our drink to keep us happy for the long plane ride. Then we bought breakfast at Potbelly's. it was great. the plane boarded and everyone was settled in their seats or swapping seats with someone to sit next to their friend. i was just excited to sleep. and that i did ha ha. about the whole plane ride i was sleeping. as we arrived to panama city i was excited to be half way over with the traveling.we all unloaded the plane and then headed off to the restrooms which by the way were like a 20 min wait. haha. but anyway... soon we all loaded the plane to finally go to Lima, Peru. again on the plane i...slept. it was very relaxing and it calmed my nerves about going to the mountains...which i have not been before. As the plane landed everyone was looking outside at the mountains and the city where some of the team would be working. We were greeted at the airport by some of the people that we worked with last year. it was so surprising that they remembered me even though it has been a year. they even noticed my hair cut! that was a very pleasant surprise and it got me soo excited for this week and to see what God has in store for me. even though im not going to be in Lima. but being back in Peru made me feel soo happy and excited to be here. we then arrived at the seminary and were greeted with everyone that works here. we were given our rooms and then before i knew it i was eating a delicious meal and now im just SOOOO excited to see what God can do this week and what He can do through me. thank you all for your prayers and support and i cant wait for this week and thanks for all the help and love that made it possible for us to get here. thanks for reading

jessica erickson

Well, we made it! we touched down in lima around 430pm (ish) (the ish is for pat). it is a gloriously sunny day here. just beautiful.
the plane rides were great.... dont know why anyone would be fearful of flying,(tee hee) the views were amazing.  fluffy clouds and blue skies and mountain views.
we are all tired from the early departure (thanks to all that came to see us off and for all the prayers for safety) and tonight we get some down time to just hang out with each other and relax, maybe run to the local store for some sublime chocolate. yum.
Keep up the prayers that we do great work this trip, and that everyone is healthy and safe.

MaryBeth Matney