Sunday, July 15th, 2007


Hey guys, Steven says HI!!!! Hope everything is going well up there!!

Ok so ... Sunday we woke up at 7 got ready and came down to breakfast at 8!

I had peanut butter and a power bar!

Everyone else had bread and jelly, breakfast wieners and something else.
Around 9 we left and split up into different groups.

My group went to the the main church Parales.

I was looking for some of the kids I met last year. We walked in and I saw Paula.  We sang worship with the kids.

Then walked in Lady with her two brothers. Lady was the girl I met and fell in love with last year. She saw me and waved. She then held up and chain with a ring around it.

It was the ring I gave her last year the day before we left for Lircay!

I stared to cry! 

After the service we played with the kids until the rest of the groups met us their. We then served the kids lunch which was spaghetti and rice, and did the Move the Mountains dance! lol!!

We headed back to the the base for lunch which was chicken and rice!

I again had peanut butter and a banana! Yum!!

We had some free time in which I took that time to sleep! Dinner was at 6.

We had spaghetti and meatballs, as you might have already figured out I again had peanut butter and a banana.

We then had our worship time and practiced some of the dances and drama!

We then headed out for the night service!

We got back to the base around 10ish and I went to bed!!!!

Cant wait to get back home!

Miss you all!

Rawk on,

Nats (Natalie Frager)

    Sunday in Lima was a blast! We got up at 8am for a hearty breakfast. Oddly, the "Peruvian breakfast sausages" looked exactly like hot dogs...but seriously, everything was excellent and there was plenty of it. We all woke up famished.

After breakfast, we traveled a short distance to Perales, where we sat in on a Sunday School service. The kids were all very friendly and enjoyed singing all the songs. About half way through the service, another team of adult missionaries from Atlanta GA joined us and were also warmly greeted by the children. They have been here for a few days and will go home this Saturday. They seemed to have made some great relationships with the children and locals here, as we pray we will also be able to establish.

After the service there was a time of general fellowship, and then we helped serve lunch for about 200 children. After the meal the local church treated us to some of their VBS dances. Then we showed them some of our dances.

After more play time w/ the children, we packed up and returned to the seminary we are staying at for lunch. Another great meal! We then had some free time until 4:30. We then had some worship time, followed by some more drama and dance practice.

We had dinner, then headed back to the Perales church for the Sunday evening service, which the team from Atlanta was leading. We sang songs in Spanish (as best we could), and the pastor from the Atlanta team delivered the message. We did our "Audamay (Help!)" drama, and after a little technical hassle w/ the sound system, we performed one of our dances. After the service ended, we reacquainted ourselves with several old friends, including George, who is doing all he can to make it to Hollywood (I for one am sure he will make it!), and many new ones. We then all climbed back onto the bus, headed back to the seminary, and all headed straight to bed for our first full night's rest in Lima. Ahhhh!

Now that the team has Internet access, you should be hearing from all of the members soon, via their own email. Please continue to pray for us and our mission, and we'll send more updates tomorrow!


Bruce Marusich

PS: The student blogs from yesterday and today should be up soon!