July 31st , 2006
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      Hola dear family and friends! We have not forgotten to keep you in our prayers in our thougts.

      Today consisted of us cleaning up a school that the local church uses. We cleaned up the area around us and passed out fliers and smiled and nodded when the people tried to engage in a conversations with us. The whole different language thing gets in the way, but the local people are so loving and encouraging! While various groups tediously picked up different forms of garbage others were re-painting the lines for the soccer court. We had many sweepers and all the kids were eager to serve.

     It was an incredible thing to see the team get "Down and dirty" and truly serve. I believe through manual labor I have broadend my understaning of sharing the gospel.

Later this afternoon we held a VBS. The local kids rushed our bus and their faces just lit up! They are so eager to learn the songs and play with us (slaughter us in soccer I mean). The kids latch on to you and they have decided that digital camera's are the BEST thing EVER!! The team did a marvelous job at telling the kid's that Jesus is the light of the world. I have observed thay they really get the message through drama and we have many talented actors on this team.

That was our day so much Joy but it is to our precious Lord who deserves all the glory for he has brought the kids and the will to serve!

--Brieanna Niebuhr


     Monday. WHat a great day. Cleaning and painting at a school and picking up trash in the community. The church here in Lima uses the puplic schools to host their childrens ministry and church services.

      It has been tough work for the church to have the schools let them use their buildings. The Catholic Church runs is powerful politically and does not want an evangelical church to do ministry on the school property. Our goal is to serve the school and community on behalf of the church to help their relationship for future use of the buildings.

      Today...goal was accomplished. Many people in the community were encouraged and thrilled with the help we could provide. Vacation Bible School was amazing today. We were planning on 60-80 kids....had a little over 200. God was totally there. We will be having VBS in the same location tomorrow and Wednesday...can't image how many kids will be there by the end. Also today we learned that Ismatu recieved the visa from the Peruvian Embassy and will be flying to join the team on Tuesday. She has been missed greatly and we are glad the team will be whole once again. The team is doing amazing and God is working wonders in and through everyone!

Good night for now.

Mathew.....AKA El Jefe