Sunday, July 30th , 2006
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     So much has been going on since we've left I don't know were to start!

     This morning everyone woke up and loaded into our bus to go to several sister churches to participate in their Sunday school programs. When my team got there, the kids were eating their church provided breakfast. That was our very first encounter with any of the Peruvians and it was VERY intimidating!

      Once the children had their breakfasts ( hot milk and bread) , the team and kids headed into a small room and sang worship songs in spanish (....that was fun) .The kids were so loveable and truly accepted us right off the bat. After we had lunch we rested at our hotel and prepared for the night's events. At about 7:00 PM we attended a church service and had a blast! We sat in and got to make friends/worship with the locals (....more singing in spanish ) and got a good feel for what their church was like. Jesse Tosten and "Mattao" McCabe did some teaching and did a wonderful job.

     Fletcher Abbott, Natalie Frager, and Ariel Goldberg all gave their testimonies. We performed two dramas (the Good Samaritan and the Mask), one dance (In Between) and in the end sang Open the Eyes of My Heart. After more singing and getting to know the other church members we headed home for some good ole' fashioned shut eye!

     Please continue to pray for us and keep us in your thoughts! nighty night!-

Senorita Joy Johnson


      Hola Cedarbrook family and friends. God has already done so much that there is not enough time to talk about it all. First and foremost we had a safe but long flight here to Lima, Peru. We were welcomed at the airport by the church leaders here that we are doing the mission work with. It was quite the scene seeing everyone lugging their 50 pound bags that we all packed. I don't think many of us were ready for all the carrying that we had to do.      Every where that we went there was a conversation taking place about the work that we were getting ready to embark on. People in the airport and on the plane spoke to many of the team members about what the purpose of our mission trip and how great it is for us to do the work. This was a great opportunity to share with them how good God is.     Once we were safely here, the first full day of ministry of observing went extremely well. We were able to meet the leaders of the church in Peru and how they do their own "Promiseland". It was quite the scene... instead of coffee and donuts it was hot milk and bread with butter...mmmmm. But not to feel left out we also had the same breakfast. It must be a Peruvian thing!     The evening concluded with a great service that we attended that was led by Moises and his church. We were able to integrate Cedarbrook into their service by doing dramas and testimonies that were well received. It is always great to hear our young people speak so enthusiastically about the Lord and I believe that the youth leaders of the Peru church were encouraged to do the same.     May you continue to pray that we step aside and let God work through us!Robert Price