August 5th, 2006
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     Hola buenos tardes! ¿Como estan? So heres whats happend since the 12 hours we have left America. We had a bus ride, 2 plane rides, and another bus ride.
the end! see you when we get back!
HAHA! you thought I was serious. Okay here is what has happened in the past 12 hours IN DETAIL.

when we got to the airport we got in line to be checked in and got so very terrible news. We found out that Ismatu wasn't allowed to board the plane because she wasn't an American citizen. this was very sad news, until we found out that she could join us on tuesday if she worked hard enough to get her visa. the first plane ride was pretty boring, and basically this was when everyone was getting all the sleep they knew that were gonna lose in peru. :) when we landed in atlanta, we drew quite a crowd. Now this could only mean one of to things: 1) We were matching and people thought that was cool or 2) we were all matching a long sleeve t-shirts and the thought we were crazy. I am leaning towards the the second one..:) once on the flight we were just hanging out, some slept and other were every about the cabin. The flight was like any normal flight ....drinks, chips, but then the movie came on. When the movie ended we all learned a very valuable lesson...Dont take your family or granted, because then you will have to turn into a dog to know how much you really love them. This moral was from the amazing movie The Shaggy Dog. Have you seen it? don't! moving on, when we landed in Lima it was about 10 and we were very tired and wanted to know what our living situations were gonna be like. When we got to our hostel which is a hotel, we were blow away. It was very nice, and had access to a roof that had the most amazing view I have ever seen in my life. Lima was very gorgeous from a view, but up close needed a little work. But Lima would have to wait, because now, it was time to hit the sheets on the very short beds. THATS JUST THE WAY I LIKE IT!
Nighty nighty!
Laurena!!! (That's my spanish name :)

     What a loooong day! We are finally here in Lima and look forward to a early wakeup time as we have a am church service. God is good!

See you tommorow!

Bruce Marusich