August 4th , 2005
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This day we were divided into two groups. The soups and the laborers. I'll tell you about the earth movers (and shakers.) Of course we got up and out a whole 10 minutes earlier than the food ministers.
We went to the outskirts of town and helped a pastor in the beginning stages of church construction. Half of us dug out the remaining 20% of the basement, by hand, and the other half leveled out and landscaped the church yard. We were blessed by the ladies of the church as they sang and prayed during our labor .There were plenty of villagers who walked by and observed God at work through us. We even had one small boy help us for most of the day. God provided clouds and cool breezes for us to work by. Although we didn't share the gospel verbally with this assignment, we know that God will get his message out at this church for a long time. The pastor shared that there aren't many basements around, but this one was to hold prayer vigils, that would go all night without bothering the neighbors. Later that evening we all got back together and ministered to people waiting outside a hospital for sick or inured family and friends being treated inside the facility. God allowed us to give food, drink, prayer and the gospel to these people. It was a glorious day. See our efforts on Cam C.

Rich Testo


The second team went to a local soup kitchen to minister to the children in the neighborhood. We set up our equipment, and also assisted in preparing the hot dogs for the meal. We did several of our skits, a few puppet shows, and Jesse Tosten and Nate Hook gave testimonies and teachings. We then served lunch and played with the children. Nate had done an alter call before lunch and several people responded to having Jesus come into their hearts, as well as numerous prayer requests that were raised up. During the entire event, two small faces kept peeking out of the window next to the soup kitchen, but never ventured outside of their door. We knocked on their door, and the father accepted lunch for them. The children of this city have captured our hearts.

In the evening, both teams went to the local hospital for serve people waiting outside of the hospital who either needed to get treatment or to be near loved ones in the hospital. We gave out tacos and water and juice, and had many opportunities to pray with and for those inside the hospital and those waiting on the steps. It is typical for a Mexican family to wait days on end on the hospital steps to be near those they love inside. They were all very open to prayer. The day belonged to God and His children. See Cam A and B.

Bruce Marusich