August 1st , 2005
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Leader's Blog:
What can I say about our first day of ministry other than WOW! God is good! Our day started with a review of our ministry preparation from Sunday, a Spanish practice session for the afternoon Bible distribution session and base clean up.

Right after lunch, the excitement began. During our Bible distribution session, it was clear God was working through us and in us. It was clear that God was working through us as:

-Team members spoke at length with a Muslim, sharing the Gospel with him

-Lives were given to Christ

-Bibles were handed out to people who did not own one

-We had many opportunities to pray with individuals and families

The evidence of God working in us was obvious in many ways:

-First, and possibly the greatest demonstration of God's work in us was seen when Martin Johnson, Nathan Hook and Gary Hook actually danced! The three of us are still praying Mathew does not want you to give us a demonstration of our lack of rhythm.

-More importantly, God blessed us with the courage to boldly share the Gospel in a language many of us do not know, give testimonies, and share His love by playing with children in the streets.

God has been good today…we can't wait to see what He has in store for us tomorrow!

Gary HooK

Student's Blog:

      There is word I use to discribe Mexico , beautiful. When we did Bible distribution, people were so open and willing to listen to what we had to say. Though there was this one man, who was a catholic, and he just kept arguing with us about everything we were saying. Whatever we were talking about, the rapture, idols, and the 10 commandments, I mean PRAISE GOD FOR OUR TRANSLATORS! After about an half an hour later his wife came out and she wanted to hear more. So, we had our girl translator talking to the woman the our male translator talking to the man. Finally, after about an hour we decided to split into 2 groups, so we could talk to more people. Well, everything went smoothly for the group that split after about four house, but guess what…….the other group was still talking to the man! Okay, so here is the finial result, the man finically calmed down her accepted what we were trying to say. AMEN !!!

     After an interesting Bible distribution, we had a church service in the streets. I was very surprised of all the people who showed up, I ma sure they really enjoyed it, not to mention, the kids had a blast! That was the best part, seeing smiles as big as there faces, they were so happy when we out candy and toys. Emily and myself we just overwhelmed by all the children, we were lifting them all up in the air and playing ring around the rosy. It felt like we had known these kids forever. Though everything must come to an end and trust me these kids didn't want it to end, maybe it was because they were getting a bunch of free toys and candy, but I like to think that it was because they met people who really cared about what kind of conditions they were in. God used in amazing way today and I hope he will continue to do just that!

God Is Good, All the time……All the Time, God Is Good

Lauren, "my Name is Muerte, That Means Death" Schoelen

There was a LOT going on today, but we will let the leader and the student tell you all about it. We had our first full day of ministry, and we got back VERY late. Details tomorrow!