July 31st, 2005
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Sunday, today was a day of many firsts, but not our first showers for many of us . Quickly we have found that the park across the street and the patio on the roof top are great places to read and hang out. We are staying in an urban setting, the people that I have seen so far have been really friendly. This morning we went to another location to learn new skits and to go over the ones that we have already learned. Did I mention that there was a pool? They had a worship band that was here from Montana lead us in worship, the lunch was traditional american hamburgers and hotdogs.

All of us are in one dance number, I really hope we don't perform it at CBCC.

The high light of the day was in the evening when we drove to an over look of the city and prayed for the city and sang hymns. It was a popular place for the locals as well, I hope we didn't freak them out too much. The over look was beautiful as the city is surrounded by various mountains,with the lights on, the houses looked like little jewels. There was a large dead spot in the sea of ligths, it was the grave yard, the city here is mainly catholic with a strong focus on Mary.

Please pray for unity among all of the church here to reach the city.

You parents would be very proud of your children.



Hola mi familia y amigos!

Or… HEEE-EYY! (haha)

Today was our first full day here in Mexico , after a long day of travel (12+ hours), and how exciting it has been! We started the morning off with praise and worship at The Qinta, where we spent most of the day. Ryan Chase, one of the YWAM staff and part of To The Nations, gave an encouraging and energizing message, just pushing us to be “Released” for Christ in all ways… “We need to release the hurts from our past… or release something that is important to us… we may sometimes need to release what is “good” so God can give us the BEST”(-Leah Teran, Devo2005).

We did so much learning today… mainly dances, dramas, and songs… it was definitely a FUN day. You should have seen Mathew DANCE! The Cinta has a pool so between lunch and dramas and songs, etc, we would rush to the pool. After we finished learning stuff for the program, we chilled inside with the MEXICANS (The 4 AWESOME Mexican guys that are SO funny…Mike, Abraham, Giberto, and Juanez) and they sang songs for us with little dances, and we did dances and songs such as the Macarena, (they sang, we danced) the chicken dance, and more. It was amazing.

At night we all went up to this mountain, a scenic overlook where you can see the entire city of Monterrey . We prayed over the city and sang worship songs while we gazed at the amazing view. Amazing. There is no other word to describe the view of the city.

All in all it was an awesome day… I can't wait to share how the rest of the week goes!! We are PRAYING for you all and please pray that we all stay in good health and get enough rest!! We love and miss you all!


We got you lots of pix of today though! It was a very long day... and check out 07/30 for more pixs!