Mission Trip to Las Vegas, Day Six:
July 10th 2003

By Ashley Chin

What a day! Let me tell you...work duties are a killer! Just kidding, our work duties are in the morning, and truthfully aren't that bad! It's just a matter of cleaning the basic stuff every morning, bathrooms, kitchen, etc. YWAM has organized where we have small groups every morning with two YWAM staffers who lead. This morning, one of our small groups had an incredible time with God. A couple of people were struggling with personal things that they felt they needed to let go of...the group circled around those people and prayed long and hard, so that Satan wouldn't bind them of their sins and fears anymore. After praying, the encounter with God was powerful...the leader of the small group told a story, a story that she felt God was putting on her heart. It was something she had never heard or said before, but strangely enough it had everything to do with the people that they were praying for...basically THEIR story, in different words, from someone who had ever heard or seen or known about what they had gone through. It was incredible to say the least.

That day the whole group went to a Mormon temple to pray on it's grounds for God to just break down the walls and make the Mormons see the Truth of the Word of God. We were able to go inside the lobby of the temple and have a look around. It was almost as if we were trapped inside the temple walls as soon as we entered. You could almost feel the power of Satan in the atmosphere, but you could definitely see Satan in the lies and the deceit that are in the beleifs of the Mormon church. It was a powerful experience, just to be able to pray as hard as we could that God would bring these people to Him.

We returned for dinner and did our 3x3 at thenew Las Vegas strip on Vegas Boulevard. The city is beautiful and the people are LOST!

Cole Stephenson and Stephanie Kukielka - both people from our CBSM group - are sick. Cole has had a low fever, and wasn't feeling too hot today so he went back to the hotel midday and hung out with Stephanie, who had been at the hotel all morning. She has had stomach sickness, but no fever. Both are doing well, sleeping well, and trying to eat well and keep it down. Just keep them in your prayers because Satan just seems to try anything to get us away from doing what God wants us to do, and this time he's using sickness.

Our day was overall a good day, everyone is missing their families and friends, but are enjoying time with the friends that are here and the new friendships with the YWAM staffers! Thank you for praying for us and just continue to pray that God keeps giving us courage and the will to do what He desires instead of what we desire. We miss you!!

In His Service and Love,
Ashley C.



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