Mission Trip to Las Vegas, Day Four: July 8th 2003

      Viva Las Vegas! We had a pretty cool (well hot actually!) day today! God is really using us! We had three separate groups go out in ministry. The first group went to the Street Cafe where we served lunch to about 150 homeless folks and mnistered to them in word and in prayer. We also did our creative dramas and gave testimonies. Another group did Servant Evangelism where they would ask different businesses if they had any jobs (i.e. washing windows), etc that needed to be done. The group washed a lot of windows....so parents, when the kids come home, don't let them tell you that they don't do windows because we've seen them! The last group did a Street Prayer ministry and were able to pray for passerbyers!! Later , all the groups gathered together for our Calvary Ministry outreach where we put on a concert, performed our dramas, gave testimonies and served over 800 hotdogs to the homeless. It was an awesome day...everyone is feeling pretty encouraged!

      For me, I can really feel God speaking through me...I have courage where I've never had it before and speaking so clearly, thanks to God. Today, with God's help, I led an alcoholic man in the prayer of salvation. With tears in his eyes (and mine), he indicated a willingness to surrender to God. Later we kept talking, and "WHOOOSH!", he said he really felt something...perhaps the Holy Spirit in him?...Again he became tearful. He gladly took the Gospel of John that I offered him. Had a really cool conversation with Jeff and also Connie....please lift them up in your prayers!!

Also, pray for a "cold wave"...temperatures below 100!


Yours in Christ,

Janet Schnabel


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