Monday, 07/28/2014

Peru Team Day #3

Monday, July 28th

     !Holá! Today we officially started our work projects & my group started the week off with our VBS plan. In the morning, we split up into teams and started different projects like painting, cleaning up in the community, and sorting trash/recycle (which was my group). I was really excited to actually get down and dirty because the first few days it was more relaxed and I kind of wanted to be able to do something. We sorted through this trash for recyclables like plastic, metal, wood, ect. and got it all done in a reasonable amount of time. Actually, at least for me, I can’t even keep track of time in Peru because it ends up going by so fast anyways. Noah’s Ark was what my group centered our whole VBS around. Allison (“Allie Munro”), Kailey, and I led the kids in a dance/game. We practically made a fool of ourselves with doing animal impersonations with maybe like 75% of the kids actually doing it with us, but if there’s anything I’ve learned from theater, I made sure all the movements were exaggerated and comical, because what Peruvian kid did not enjoy these crazy gringos “dancing” for them. I am actually totally excited to be able to understand most of the Spanish, even though I am less than adequate with speaking Spanish. It’s just really amazing to see how a language barrier isn’t really even a barrier at all because God allows us to be flexible in whatever he wants us to accomplish. Even though today I didn’t really get to play with the kids, I am DEFINITELY jumping on that tomorrow because I absolutely adore these kids and they are obviously going to make it harder to leave. I thought of something today (and my dad would say think before you speak but I already said it), and it came out something along the lines of “Another day, another niño!” but I literally love meeting these kids and feeling like this is exactly what God wanted to show me on this trip. I noticed that my entry is longer than the first two but my first Peru trip is turning out to be a blast!

-Kyra Allen