Sunday, 07/27/2014

Peru Team Day #2

Sunday, July 27th

     Today the group and I went over to the Perales church and watched the children’s service. The children were all very attentive and excited to be learning about God. A little girl who sat in front of Kyra and I continued to turn around and ask us many questions. My favorite part about talking to the little girl in front of me was that she handed me a little plastic diamond and asked me if I liked it. After the church service ended we had the chance to play with the children and just get to know them better. I met a girl named Cathy, who actually could speak some English. It was really nice to have a conversation because we could actually understand each other. Cathy asked me all about my favorite foods and sports and my family. She even looked through all the pictures in my phone and asked me stories behind the pictures It was really amazing talking to her and connecting to her. She told me that she was happy I was here. Even if I don’t have a chance to come back to Peru again, I know that these relationships I am building will impact me forever.

-Allie Munro