Monday August 9th, 2010

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Hi Everyone! 

Itś  MaryBeth again..... today we went to Punta Hermosa..... a beachfront resort in the summer..... almost a ghost town in the winter.  We helped break down a brick wall (more bricks!) and we also helped pour a cement floor in the local church.  Loads of fun fun fun!  Santos had me dip buckets into the top of a water tank (while balancing on a ´ladder´.... and i use that term loosely). I had struggled to fill about 12 large size buckets, when Lauren walked up and used the spigot that was conveniently located on the bottom of the tank.....   why was I not made aware of the spigot???   bahahahhahaha ... peruvian humor maybe? Anyways, if you see any photos of me soaking wet, itś because of Santos, :)
We got treated to a lunch on the beach.... and it was amazing to say the least! The water was a beautiful jade color and I found an absolutely perfect conch shell thatś about the size of a penny.... and you can hear the ocean in it! 

Today is Joseeś 16th birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSEE!!!!  she is a true blessing to have on this trip... just a sweetheart!!  . How lucky is she to have spent her 16th birthday on a beautiful beach in Peru???  In about an hour weŕe having ice cream to celebrate, so we all love Josee just a tad more since thereś ice cream involved.... hahahhaha  just kidding jojo.

Tomorrow is cliff paragliding and shopping!  Youd better get online and remind your student not to forget your llama slippers!

Please pray for safe travels home!